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Ostéoporosis in Depth

15 juin - 16 juin


2 Stages avec Rebekah Rotstein 

 Ostéoporose & Spiraling Arms , Backbends  

( en anglais , traduit en français ! )


juin 15, 13-20h 

1 in 3 women over the age of 50 and 1 in 5 men have low bone density with prediction of a fracture in his or her lifetime. Meanwhile, younger individuals are getting diagnosed with osteoporosis more frequently. This fundamentals workshop provides the scientific basis of understanding osteoporosis in a comprehensive yet accessible format.

  • Bone physiology and metabolism to understand normal versus excessive bone loss
    1. How osteoporosis is diagnosed and how to interpret a bone density report
    2. Risk factors and prevention methods
    3. Recent research findings about osteoporosis and its precursor, osteopenia
    4. The biomechanics of bone loading
    5. The importance of bone density versus bone quality
    6. Bone strengthening protocols and safe exercises for osteoporosis
    7. Balance and posture enhancement tools
    8. Myths versus realities of movement contraindications for bone loss 
    9. Psychological considerations for this population
    10. Up-to-date information on medication and nutrition guidelines
    11. Combining science and movement along with Rebekah’s personal experience as a patient, the workshop synthesizes lecture along with practical exercises to empower yourself and your clients. Enhance your critical thinking skills and expand your knowledge of functional anatomy in a fun and creative environment. You’ll walk away with a fresh outlook and techniques to implement immediately!

dim 16 Juin 12-18h30 

Many of us don’t leverage the spirals of the upper quarter — aside from rotation of certain fingers in texting. This workshop explores the spirals and 3D movement within the structural elements of the trunk, arms and neck via the fascia as the great connector and the basis of tensegrity. Through useful weight-bearing hand sequences and hanging motions we can restore natural movement patterns and enhance motor control. Whether you or your clients are exceptionally stiff or hypermobile, you will experience increases in strength and mobility that also improve joint integrity and stability. Learn how these elements translate into backbends and better spinal motion, postural control and greater freedom in the body. Discover the secret to more fluid, integrated movement!


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15 juin
Fin :
16 juin
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