Label Quality / FPMP Certification

In France, like in many other countries, we are vexed when “Pilates classes” are given by instructors who are not necessarily qualified to teach this particular method. To teach the Pilates method, it’s not enough to be trained as a fitness instructor.

With this in mind, the FPMP created a “Label Quality” called the FPMP Certification as a tool to allow the general public and practitioners to easily identify the qualified professionals in the field. See the steps required for FPMP Certification.

  • The FPMP Certification is given, and it attests that:
  • The professional beliefs in and embodying the values ​​of the Federation in his or her practice
  • The professional has completed a training program in an FPMP approved training school (or equivalent) of a mininum of 600 hours (or 250 hours if it is only a matte training)
  • The FPMP Code of Ethics (Click here for a printable version)
  • The professional has an up-to-date insurance policy to teach the Pilates method
  • The professional has a “Carte Professionnelle d’éducateur sportif”
  • The professional is trained in first aid
  • The professional has no police record

You will find only FPMP Certified professionals on the FPMP Directory and the maps.