FPMP Mission Statement

The FPMP, Fédération des Professionnels de la Méthode Pilates, is a French association (loi 1901) created in 2011 to preserve and develop the highest quality of the art of the Pilates method in France (originally known as FF3P).

In light of the rules of the Code du Sport, our aim is to promote the instruction of the Pilates method as a true professional craft. We wish to build an professional community around the method and help it thrive. We put forth the benefits of the Pilates method to the general public, highlighting the importance of the quality of instruction, th

at a Pilates professional has been qualified and trained specifically to teach this particular method.

Today, the FPMP is 324 members strong. All are professionals who have been trained, or are currently being trained, in a school that has met qualifying criteria to teach the Pilates method as Joseph Pilates (1883-1967) handed it down.

These professionals teach their students (an estimated 30,000 per year) to practice the method safely on the mat and on specific apparatus, based on their level, goals, objectives and physical individuality.