Tips for practicing

Pratitioners of the Pilates method


Men and women, young people to seinors, the most sedentary to high-level sports fanatics… whether you practice once, twice, or three times per week, you will feel the benefits and see a real transformation.

Do your days fly by, filled with meetings, cars and trains, and picking up the kids from school? Do you spend long hours in front of your computer screen?
The Pilates method allows you to become more aware of your body, to breathe deeply, which frees you from the daily grind and allows you to recouperate your energy.

The years are passing and you are weary of the effects that time can have on your body?

The Pilates method seems to many like a fountain of youth: it works on posture, balance, joint mobility, strength… Try it! You’ll feel the benefits very quickly.

Are you pregnant?

The Pilates method allows you to troubleshoot the postural difficulties that arise as the body changes. And you can prepare for your baby’s birth by working on your breathing technique.

Did you recently give birth?

The Pilates method can also help you find your body’s deep abdominal strength once again, as well as reinforcing the pelvic floor and balancing your overall body tone.
The benefits of the method

  • You are calmer and in control of your stress levels
  • Your body is more toned and more flexible
  • Your abdominal strength increases
  • Your figure is streamlined
  • You carry yourself better

By improving your posture, and thanks to a wonderful ease of movement, it is easy to integrate the method into your daily life.

The Pilates method will change the way you sit and stand, how you walk, how you carry out basic body movements every day, which can free you from back pain, stiff neck, or joint pains.

Why choose an FPMP certified professionel?

When you sign up for a class that is given by a FPMP certified professional, you will find a quality practice, taught by a professional instructor trained specifically in the art of the Pilates method.

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